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Hickory Golf Association Mission

The HGA will maintain traditions of excellence in the promotion of golf and equipment used or equipment crafted as it was in the hickory era.

Hickory Golf Association Vision

A shared vision for the realization of opportunity for players to participate and promote the use of hickory golf clubs in recreational, tournament and charitable events.

Hickory Golf Association Core Values

Member Focused, Integrity in the Brand, Professional Service and Business Dealings with its members, sponsors, and charities.

Hickory Golf Association Main Objective

  • HONOR the GAME.

Hickory Golf Association Major Objective


  • Maintain and preserve the history of the game.

General Objectives of the Hickory Golf Association

  • Promote interest in the game of golf with hickory shafted clubs.

  • Enhance the image of the HGA at all levels of society and business.

  • Create a greater awareness of the HGA and its members.

  • Ensure ongoing educational and training opportunities for all Members.

  • Increase Member income opportunities through business and tournaments.

  • Continue to build a strong financial and administrative base for the Association.

  • Evaluate and refine HGA services for effective and efficient operation.

  • Providing services for the golf industry and its collectors in all areas where possible.

  • Develop closer relationships with all antique golf organizations.

  • Continue the development of a Certified Antique Club Repair program.

  • Continue the development of a Certified Antique Club Rental program.

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