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The HICKORY GOLF ASSOCIATION welcomes all golfers ranging from tournament players to club pros, assistant pros, teaching pros, course superintendents, seniors and those golfers who want to experience the pleasures of playing the game as did Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones. It is predominantly a male membership, but we do have female members and there are more women enjoying hickory play every year.


Our membership services the American golfing community and accordingly provides us with direct access to all people who regularly take to the fairways. The Hickory Golf Association is designed to successfully launch and run golf events and promotions to this population.

Membership Profile

Our membership profile can be broken down into the following groups:




NE            44.18%

Central      20.50%

SE            23.27%

Mountain    5.40%

West          4.45%

Southwest  1.40%

Overseas    1.00%




25 years and under  8.08%

26-40 years           15.44%

41-55 years           22.27%

55 years and over   54.19%

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Membership classifications

Par Individual Membership - $35.00 per calendar Year

  • Your membership dues go the helping support charitable events.

  • Contact Bill Reed Executive Director of HGA

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