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The Hickory Golf Association is a company with a 501(c)3 IRS non-profit tax status. It is through its members and friends that the Hickory Golf Association is able to deliver measurable returns to its membership, corporate partners, and affiliated charities, and to invest in growing the knowledge of the roots of the game of golf.

A portion of tournament entry fees, raffles, and the HGA Trade-in Club Donation programs will go directly to funding HGA education programs and other 501c3 organizations. Golfers interested in raising funds are encouraged to clean out their garages for a good cause. HGA certified club repair personnel will appraise hickory shafted equipment and write you a letter for a qualified tax deduction. If the clubs are sold for a lower price, a corrected appraisal letter will be sent. For non-hickory shafted clubs, the HGA will use a fair-market trade-in and re-sale values for over 5,000 models of used golf clubs. Evaluations will be based on marketplace data from eBay®, PGA Professionals, golf retailers, and the PGA.com Value Guide.

If a collector of hickory shafted clubs and/or memorabilia of the period before 1935 plans to retire their collection for estate planning purposes or other personal reasons, the entire collection will be accepted by HGA from individuals, their trusts, and their estates

Please contact HGA staff members to discuss how the programs can benefit you and charity.

Hickory Golf Association
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